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Eyeglass Frames That Fit and Complement Your Face

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When getting prescription eyeglasses, you want to choose frames that correctly fit your face and complement your facial features. This is especially important when wearing prescription lenses because they are specifically shaped to fit within the eyeglass frames that you choose.
These frames can hold your prescription lenses in the optimal position for you to see correctly. Here are some things to consider when choosing prescription eyeglass frames.
Frame Placement
Eyeglass frames should sit comfortably on the bridge of the nose without pinching or sliding down. Nose pads on the frames can be adjusted to hold the prescription lenses in place just under the eyebrows.
Correct placement of the eyeglass frames will make sure that the lenses meet the pupils of each eye exactly in the middle. This is especially important with progressive lenses because they will have prescriptions that vary multiple times along the vertical axis of the lenses.
Frame Width
A well-fitting frame should hold prescription lenses so that the width of each lens begins at the inside corner of the eye and extends to the outside edge of the face. This size will vary with each person. This measurement will allow the wearer to have optimal direct and peripheral vision.
Frame Temples
Temple arms on eyeglasses should hold the frames on each side of the face and not bend in or out to fit onto the head. These temples can hold the prescription lens perpendicular to the iris of the eye as they extend over the top of the ear and wrap around to the back of the ear.   
Frame Color
The color of eyeglass frames can blend with the color of an eyeglass wearer’s skin and hair color. In that way, the eyeglass frames can be almost invisible to the eyeglass wearer and not distract or block the wearer's vision.
For contrast and variety, an eyeglass wearer can also choose bold-colored frames to complement their strong facial features and hair color. This can be a great option when a wearer has more than one pair of glasses.
Frame Materials and Styles
Eyeglass frames can be made of titanium, other metals, many different types of plastic, or a combination of these materials. Frames are available in full frame, half frame, rimless, and semi-rimless.
Frame Shapes
Eyeglass frames should complement the shape of the entire face including the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Here are some of the most common face shapes and the eyeglass frames that complement them:
Oval Faces
Oval faces look good in square or round frames. Oversized frames should be avoided because they are overly distracting on an oval face.
Round Faces
Round faces can easily wear square or angular-shaped frames. Small and round frames should be avoided as they can exaggerate the round shape of the wearer’s face.
Heart-Shaped Faces
Heart-shaped faces look good in thin frames that are round or oval. Frames with thick brow lines should be avoided as they can compete with the wearer's rounded forehead and angular chin.   
Diamond-Shaped Faces
Diamond-shaped faces are complemented by oval and rimless frames. They should avoid narrow or thin frames because those frames tend to emphasize the width of a diamond-shaped face.
Square Faces
Square faces can easily wear round or oval eyeglass frames because these frames soften the angular features of a square face. People with square faces should avoid square and strongly-geometric frames because they compete with the strong angles of the wearer’s face.
The above materials, colors, shapes, and sizes are guidelines that will work for most standard faces. When considering eyeglass frames, try on a number of different options and choose the frames that are the most comfortable for you.
For a comprehensive eye examination and an expert fitting of your eyeglass frames, contact us at The Eye Center. Our physicians can determine the exact prescription that you need and the frames that fit your face to allow you to see clearly and look your best.