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Glaucoma Treatment in Huntsville, Alabama

It Starts With Eye Pressure

Glaucoma is known to be one of the main causes of blindness in the United States. The disease happens when the optic nerve has been damaged. Damage can happen when pressure coming from the eye drainage system is blocked. If you have felt pressure coming from behind your eyes, it's important to come in for a checkup. Give The Eye Center a call to schedule a visit today.

The Earlier the Diagnosis, the Better the Treatment

When glaucoma is caught at an early stage, there is a much lower risk of blindness and a higher risk of success. The treatments are also less likely to include surgery if the disease is diagnosed early. If surgery does prove to be necessary, our physicians have the proper training and qualifications to perform it. At The Eye Center, we have a high success rate. Our patients are the most important people in the office. Contact us today.

Routine Eye Exams Are Key

Taking care of our bodies is very important. This includes not only healthy eating and exercise, but also routine eye checkups. Your eyes give you vision. By scheduling routine eye exams, you can ensure that an eye disease won't sneak up on you. Professional optometrists are the only people who can identify and treat eye diseases such as glaucoma. Call The Eye Center today to make an appointment.

Choose the Best Optometrist

The Eye Center is qualified and experienced with treating glaucoma. If you think you may be experiencing symptoms, come see us. We want your vision to remain clear and your comfort restored. If disease is a factor, we want to catch it in the early stages. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We would love to hear from you.